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Our Agency

Specialists in delivering digital experiences that create value

Take the energy of Paris and New York and mix it with the strength of Corsican roots. Add the international experience of minds that are wide open to innovation and you have IDEASSIMA, an agency with a different way of partnering with clients. We're an innovative digital communications agency with rich expertise in digital projects, video productions and data analysis.

Our Expertise

Focusing digital strategy on what really works

A strong digital presence can be the key to putting brands on the map, boosting sales and building customer relationships that last. There's no room for marketing fluff. We focus on our clients' business challenges and deliver exceptional work founded on the most effective digital strategies.

Our Offering

Global, customized, end-to-end solutions

. Digital strategy
. Web sites
. Mobile applications
. Marketing campaigns
. CRM programs
. Communities
. Editorial content
. Video production
. Innovative audio visual solutions
. Customer data analysis
. Automated lead follow-up processes

Our Team

Smaller means faster, tighter and more agile

The professionals at IDEASSIMA have - by necessity - learned to be smarter and more efficient. Working with large companies like IBM, Microsoft, Philips, SAP, Schneider Electric and Unilever has taught us to move nimbly around obstacles. Pooling our extensive experience, we target the essentials, create closer relationships with our clients and deliver a much higher level of responsiveness.


Annabel Renucci, Managing Director
+33 6 16 19 57 29

38 rue de l'Est
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt