Grow your business – turn Marketing and Sales into best friends!

Business teams together

Sales and marketing teams don’t often mingle. Yet close cooperation between these two disciplines is essential to your business. Marketing is there to help the company – and by extension, the sales force – to sell more effectively. And your sales force needs marketing projects to be more effective.

Here are some approaches that Marketing and Sales can take to become allies.

  • Get to know each other

To collaborate successfully, it’s essential to know each other better. Your marketing department should have a deep understanding of the sales process, while the sales force needs to be aware of the company’s marketing activities. A tried-and-true approach is to have marketing teams join sales teams for client meetings at least once a quarter. Equally important is for sales teams to become early adopters of marketing projects such as websites, mobile applications and more.

  • Share the same business goals

Even if their targets are different, both departments must have similar business objectives. A unified vision of the sales cycle, key indicators at each stage of the sales cycle, and meetings to review the state of business should be shared.

  • Co-lead projects

Marketing projects should always be sponsored by a business team, to help validate the strategy and its implementation. Involving business teams is a guarantee of relevance to the target audience and ensures the involvement of the sales force to promote the project.

  • Marketing teams must support the business

Are you launching a new product or service? Do you have best-sellers? Are the sales of one of your products down? Your sales force must be able to rely on your marketing teams to be agile and develop real-time actions to support your business strategy.

  • Review projects with all teams

The launch is a very important stage of a marketing project – but it’s only the first stage. The next step is to measure the business impact of the project and to optimize it. To that end, it’s essential to get a business point of view by analyzing the results with sales. And above all… if results are not what were expected, it’s always better to know early on and implement corrective actions in a timely manner.


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