“We need more money and resources” … no, you probably don’t

A jar full of coins with a label "save" illustrating that teams may not always need more money and resources

Sometimes company teams feel that they’re overloaded with project execution, new project set-ups, meetings and administrative tasks. Do they necessarily need bigger budgets and more resources? There are other solutions…

  • Closer collaboration between teams

It’s not unusual to see several teams working in parallel on similar projects. It could be due to lack of visibility over projects led by other teams, or because the project developed by one team doesn’t fully meet the needs of the other team, or even because a team wants to keep the pride of launching a special project all to themselves. But having a holistic picture of priorities and projects underway, rationalizing the implementation of projects across teams and ensuring good collaboration between teams is critical. These solutions go hand-in-hand with giving proper credit to all teams engaged in a project.

  • Clear business goals

At the start of a project, it’s important to define the objectives and success metrics to ensure alignment between the project idea and project execution. It will also help avoid changing direction in the course of a project, simply because the business goals were not clearly defined up front.

  • Short-term projects that evolve

Short-term projects are an efficient way to move forward quickly and dynamically. But how many of these plans are developed too quickly, can’t evolve into mid-term projects, and need to be completely rebuilt into long-term solutions? Anticipating the evolution of a project up front ensures efficient use of time, resources and budgets.

  • Anticipate challenges to help avoid them

“Anticipating all steps of a projects up front? That will slow us down!” “Anticipating potential challenges in the course of project development is a bit negative. We don’t know for sure if they will happen….” On the contrary! Anticipating potential roadblocks is the best way to avoid most of them and, if they arise, to find the right solution in a timely manner. Anticipating the challenges to a project means optimizing its execution.

  • A smooth decision-making process

Many companies are complex organizations with complicated decision making processes. No matter how your company is organized, it’s in your best interests to clearly define the roles, responsibilities and people in charge of validating key phases of any given project. The inclusion of these people, their availability and their capacity to make sustainable decisions is a key element in the success of a project.


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